available for digital download - compact disc release: TBA

album Notes:

Glenn D. Clark - 4, 5 and 6 string basses, Hammond organ (B4), pump organ, piano, electric piano, synthesizers, nylon-string guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide guitar, 12-string guitar, lap steel guitar, guitar synthesizer, MIDI pedals, backing vocals, percussion, Simmons drums, voice on "What's Wrong, Boy?" and synthetic and acoustic nicknacks
Patrick Boothe - lead and backing vocals
Andy Units - backing vocals
Dan Solano - acoustic drums
John Duran - acoustic drums ("Monkey" & "Spit")
Harry Gilbert - cello and mandolin ("Good To Me" & "South Of Rampart")
Ben Tanler - acoustic drum recording engineer to Dan Solano session
Jason Nunnencamp - acoustic drum recording engineer to John Duran session
Thom Pavlechko - acoustic piano ("Good To Me")

Music, concept and lyrics by Glenn D. Clark except "It's All Water" music by Clark and words by Leland P. Gehauf.

Produced, arranged, engineered, mixed by Glenn D. Clark.

Recorded and mixed at Ancient Desert Sounds and Recording in Denver, CO; Long Beach, CA; Austin, TX.

Mastered by Nick Landis at Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc. in Austin, Texas.

photos by Joseph-Carson Smith-Royal Lion-Photography
artwork concept by Glenn D. Clark

design and layout by Glenn D. Clark

Thanx to: F. Leo Parks, Patrick, Mark (Andy), Dan, John, Harry, Thom, Jesse Greiner, Lee P. Gehauf, Jesse Milinowicz (model), Nick Landis, Kevin Murray, I at IK Multimedia, J at Steinberg USA, family and friends

copyright 2014
catalog No. ADSR-012 (BMI)

photos from the 'Notch' sessions below