Available for digital download and on very rare CD-R.

Album Notes:
'Electric Bead Fire Dance' (aka 'Bassic Bear Live') was recorded September 21, 2005 in Austin, Texas in a performance by Glenn D. Clark. The instruments that were used were a Korg DW8000 synthesizer (leads and controller), an Akia S5000 sampler (loops and Simmons drums), a Yamaha TG55 tone generator (pads and percussion), and two Roland PK-5 MIDI foot pedals (sampler controller). Four of the six original recordings are featured on EBFD. Two pieces were dropped. “Hacketteering” for sample copyright reasons and a live version of “The Timing Chain”. It just didn't make the cut. The sample loops were constructed from scratch for the performance. You may notice some noise in “Dirty Old Rag Rag” due to an over-active ride cymbal. Oops...sorry. All other nuisances have been preserved respectively. Thanx for listening.

Mastered at Ancient Desert Sounds & Recording

Artwork and photo by Glenn D. Clark

Copyright 2005
Catalog No. ADSR-007 (BMI)