'WALKING IN SAND' is a mixture of progressive rock and electronic/ambient music. The album starts off with "Steel Ships", a commercial single about being creative and the price of exploring it. "Shallow People" has a basic message, "get off your ass and just do it" no matter how scared you are. The first of the instrumentals is "The Catalyst", a heavy synth piece with an aggressive groove. A dark version of "Happy Trails" is "Plains". Inspired by Grant Lee Buffalo and Steve Hackett, a ballad about how change happens whether you like it or not. The album's centerpiece, "The Jaunt", inspired by a short story by Stephen King, is ambient at its darkest. "Way To Get Back Home" tells the story of a post-war tribe wandering in the desert and the ritual they use for survival. Ending the album is the reprise title "The Jaunt Back", a highly-accompanied bass solo.
'SPLICES 1:LANDMARK' is a private collection of atmospheric arrangements that span fifteen years of archived material as well as 7 six-string bass pieces. A virtual waltz around the world and through it.
During the construction period of Notch, several demos track were recorded for lyrical purposes. "I had twelve tunes written using my usual 6-string bass/midi pedals combination. I was exploring various VST effects plug-ins including GRM Tools using those tracks. Before I knew it, I had created twelve completely altered atmospheres. I released it as a prelude while I was writing and recording the NOTCH album". 'PRELIMINARY CUTS: A PRELUDE TO NOTCH' was remastered and re-released on 'SPLICES 2: SYNTH HOLE'.
A live recording was produced in 2005 under "BASSIC BEAR LIVE 9-21-05" featuring 6 live tracks and 1 extended studio track. The music is best described as Keith Emerson meets techno or gooblity gook with poly-rhythms. This live album was re-released in 2012 under the title "ELECTRIC BEAD FIRE DANCE: LIVE IN '05" minus the tracks "Hacketteering" and "The Timing Chain".
'THE COLOR ANALYSIS OF APOCALYPTIC EVENTS', aka 'TCAOAE', album is a loosely conceptional look at the end of the world. At least, as we know it. A soundtrack to the end of everything we perceive. Dark, tense, haunting, cynical. Even twistedly humorous, at times as found in “Wexamex The Protector”, TCAOAE takes you to some black areas. An all-instrumental guitar-oriented album with plenty of atmosphere and mood. The album starts off with “Snonado”, a bouncy odd weather-phenomenon twister of snow. Innocent and playful yet heavy. Then dashing us off to a festival or celebration of “Joyfulness (The Ritual)”, a drum circle of summoning. “Hold Em In” is a play on a catchy vocal loop. Folk that allures and entrances listener to join in. “Hold 'em in, it's alright!”. Rotating wickedness, a stereo tour de force, comes from the “The Carousel” in the style of Steve Hackett with the darkness of Pink Floyd. An homage to Hackett.
The title track cometh as the epic piece “The Color Analysis Of Apocalyptic Events”. Its working title was dubbed “Bruford” for its rock-fusion style before assembling its grand final version. Scaling things back a little, “End Of The World Blues” adds a somber and sad reflection of the earth fall apart around us. Sitting on the top of a cove at midnight. “Deezallved Spirits” and “Deezallved Spirits Return” shares a building melody line that is as haunting yet pleasurable as dancing ghost children. 
Driving, rhythmic, and memorizing is “Council Of Nemesis”. A paced behind-close-doors ear-to-the-wall eavesdrop on enemies locked in a chamber. Tongue-in-cheek, 80's-ish cop show soundtrack that is not an easily shaken thought from “Wexamex The Protector”. "Wexamex" came from a dream of an item that protects any good person from evil. Dreams, huh? Next, “India Night Trail” makes an ethical turn of leaving and abandonment of home. Sorry, Sting, but your rain forests are “gettin' it” as well in “Mr. Sumner's Disintegrating Forest”. Finally, it's the end of the world so might as well dance to "The Rave In Hell". 'The Color Analysis Of Apocalyptic Events' is a collection of guitar, keyboard and drum loops with catchy guitar melodies, atmospheric synthes and enticing poly-rhythm. Music for the end of days.
'NOTCH' is a 23-song conceptual double album of lyrical songwriting with a bold theme. An angry darkness flows throughout this collection of tunes. A mixture of youthful angst, blind ambition, sorrowful loss, heartaching grief, and redeeming self-realization. Emotions run high. Tears will flow.
The second BASSBOARDS OF ANCIENT DESERT RITUAL album named 'Splices 2: Synth Hole'. A continuing collection of sonic experiments and compositions, mainly using synthesizers and bass guitar. A remastered of the 'PRELIMINARY CUTS: A PRELUDE TO NOTCH' was re-released on this album.
"THIS IS ALL YOUR AMERICA" is a single about religious ideas mixing with political ambitions. A song of grave concerns.
“THE WORLD CAMERA”, a song about privacy, surveillance, and human interaction. Music by Glenn D. Clark and lyrics by Patrick Boothe.
The first single, from the 'NOTCH' album, "WHY DID YOU DIG MY GRAVE SO DEEP?"
"IN THAT QUIET EARTH AT YYZ WITH THE WICHITA LINEMAN", a collage of cover tunes by Genesis, Rush, and Jimmy Webb
"CRYSTAL BLUE", a tune written by Patrick Boothe and co-produced by Clark. Revamped and extended into a 10-minute long single.
The first of three self-titled EP releases. 'Ancient' is a pop-progressive rock. Part of a 3-EP set. 'Ancient' explores greed, religion, wealth, obsession, and the supernatural.